Mark PryorU.S. Senator
[D] Arkansas, United States

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Mr. PRYOR. Mr. President, let me give the other side of the story here. We have a lot of fish that gets imported from important trading partners such as Vietnam and other Asian countries. It is disputed whether they meet the definition of catfish. They certainly aren't an American variety of catfish; they are probably some other type of fish. But regardless of all of the science there, it is important that we inspect these fish as they come in because they are not grown in the same sanitary conditions we have in the United States. They use different herbicides and pesticides, and they have different pollutants. In fact, we have seen documented cases where they are raised in sewage water--water contaminated with sewage.

We need to make sure these fish are inspected when they come into the United States. That is what the underlying bill provides, and that is what I support.