Hal RogersU.S. Representative
[R] Kentucky, United States

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Mr. ROGERS of Kentucky. Madam Speaker, this procedural motion is nothing more than a dilatory tactic which comes at a time when we can least afford those types of things. Now is the time to act, not partake in political games.

Our debate should be not about procedure. It should be about doing our job. It should be about funding our troops, about keeping our government running, and saving the taxpayer money.

The measure before us provides the essential funds for our men and women who are in harm's way on three battlefields around the world. Those who sacrifice so much for us should not be held hostage by Washington's inaction while providing for our national defense. The measure also gives us one more week for the Senate and the White House to come to a resolution on funding the activities of the government, and it cuts $12 billion in wasteful spending.

The American people expect us to stop the partisan bickering and get our work done. The time for idle talk is over. Enough is enough.

This motion is purely a political gesture and should be defeated. I think all Members should know, Madam Speaker, this bill is not a political tactic. The real fact is that if you vote against this bill, you are voting against the troops who are engaged in three wars.

I yield back the balance of my time.