Paul C. Broun Jr., M.D.U.S. Representative
[R] Georgia, United States

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Mr. BROUN of Georgia. I thank the gentleman for yielding.

I'm a medical doctor, and I have spent almost four decades of practicing medicine concerned about child nutrition and about the health of my patients. Doctors do that as family practitioners and pediatricians all over this country, all over the world.

But this act is not about child nutrition. It's not about healthy kids. It's really about an expansion of the Federal Government. And it's an interference in the school system, so much so that the American Association of School Administrators, the Council of Great City Schools, and the National School Boards Association all oppose this act.

This is not about child nutrition. This is about more government control. This is not about healthy children. It's about borrowing more money and putting our children in greater debt. It's not about creating a better environment for children in the schools. It's about more and more control from Washington, DC.

And we have just got to stop that. The American people are acting very strongly against the agenda that this Congress and this President has shown them in the last 2 years. We saw that on November 2.

[Time: 13:40] We have got to stop the spending. This is a $4.5 billion bill, and the pay-for that our colleagues on the other side of the aisle have put into place is a farce. It's a lie, and it is borrowing more from our children. This kind of idiocy has to stop. It includes a lot of Federal mandates. It is going to be extremely costly.

And it does things such as create new programs like an organic food plot. Now, I eat organic food. I like the taste of free range chicken and free range beef and organic foods, but we don't need the Federal Government to promote this kind of stuff. It's crazy.

It also spends taxpayer dollars to federalize nutrition standards. I am one who believes in proper nutrition. I have talked to my patients for years and years about proper nutrition, eating properly, taking care of their diabetes and their hypertension and their hyperlipidemias and things like that through nutritional means above even prescribing medication. But the Federal Government has no business setting nutritional standards and telling families what they should and shouldn't eat.

This bill contains a lot of hidden costs, hidden costs that are going to wind up being billions of dollars of more Federal spending. And it contains mandates on the States.