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Mr. SANTORUM. Mr. President, I thank the Senator from New Hampshire for yielding. I want to congratulate him on the work he has done. He has been here many, many days and many, many hours debating a very difficult, emotional issue.

I have been in the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives now for 5 years. I have never spoken on the floor of either body on the issue of abortion. I never felt in my heart comfortable coming to the floor and talking about legislating the issue of abortion.

I thought, as do many folks who vote pro-life here, that the issue is one that we have to educate and we have to change hearts and we have to go out to the public and sensitize the public to the horrors of abortion in this country. I say that as someone who is pro-life, but I think there are people who are pro-choice who believe also that abortion is wrong, it should be minimized in this country. So I always felt uncomfortable talking about legislating abortion.

I have to say, I felt compelled to come up and talk about this. This is not about pro-life or pro-choice. This is about a horrific procedure that should shock the conscience of anyone who has heard how this procedure is done.

The Senator from Maine just said, `Well, you are going to take folks and force them from one risky procedure to another risky procedure. That may be true, but this risky procedure shocks the conscience of anyone who has heard it described. This is so horrific. There is some sort of moral code in this country. To see a baby three-quarters born have scissors stuck in the back of their brain--where have we come as a country when we say, `Well, we need a statute to prohibit that,'--this is wrong.

I do not even think we should be having debate about it. One of the problems I think many of us have who are pro-life, who are conservative is that we tend to argue facts and figures. I was ready to read you that of the two doctors who performed the majority of these abortions, half of the babies who were born were perfectly healthy. One doctor testified to that effect and nine of the flawed babies had cleft palate. Flawed babies.

We had Dr. Haskell, the other abortionist who does this, saying 80 percent of the abortions were purely elective abortions. So do not try to sell a bill of goods. Those are facts and figures.

I think what we have trouble with sometimes, as Republicans, is we put up charts, graphs, and numbers, and people just sort of glaze over. On the other side, they are much smarter. There is Senator Boxer with pictures of happy faces. There are no facts and figures.

There is no medical evidence to support that partial birth abortion is the right thing to do, this is the moral thing to do, that this is what our society should stand for. No, you put up pictures of happy, smiling faces. You pull at the heartstrings on the other side and hope that all the truth just gets pushed in the background.

There is an obvious truth here. There is an obvious truth here. You have a baby, not what they like to refer to as, `an intact dilation and extraction.' That is the way they describe this. An intact procedure. This intact thing is a baby, and it is three-quarters of the way delivered through the birth canal. It is not terminated, it is killed.

Whether you are for abortions or against abortions, you cannot be for doing this. It shocks the conscience of a society and should not--should not--be a procedure that is sanctioned by this body.

I yield back the remainder of my time.

Mrs. BOXER addressed the Chair.