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Media Note Strong Language on C-SPAN

April 28, 2010

Many of the nation’s media outlets have commented on the use of off-color language by Senator Levin (D-MI) at yesterday’s Goldman Sachs hearing. Examples are Fishbowl, DC, Talking Points Memo, The Atlanta Constitution, The Atlantic Wire, and TV Guide.

Amid all the buzz about how C-SPAN did not bleep out the words, it is important to note that C-SPAN covers events in their entirety without editing or commentary. It was a public hearing and the words were said by an elected U.S. Senator presiding over the hearing. Our viewers might be buzzing more than the media, if we did not let them hear Levin’s remarks in their entirety.

It is often said that C-SPAN covers the unvarnished process of law making. Yesterday’s hearing was clearly one without any varnish.

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  • the language pales in comparison with the behavior by Goldman Sachs being described in the hearing. What that company did was truly obscene.

  • THANK YOU.. for NOT editing out the words. I want to know when I watch video that it was as said, not as some religious person feels it SHOULD be…. thank you again.

    Signed, a Whistleblower