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Barry Goldwater, Contender

November 11, 2011

This week C-SPAN continues its a new American History television series. It will air live each Friday evening at 8:00 PM on C-SPAN. Each program will orginate from a historic site and will feature fourteen men who lost the presidency, but changed history. These contenders were candidates in at least one national election and changed political history as a result of it. This week features Barry Goldwater.

Contenders featured include Henry Clay, James G. Blaine, William Jennings Bryan, Eugene Debs, Charles Evan Hughes, Al Smith, Wendell Willkie, Thomas E. Dewey, Adlai Stevenson, Barry Goldwater, Hubert Humphrey, George Wallace, George McGovern, and Ross Perot. Watch them live each Friday night or view them in the Video Library at this site. More information is available C-SPAN The Contenders web site.

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