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Follow the Candidates on C-SPAN

August 12, 2011

Just click on the Campaign 2012 tab on the front right of the Video Library to track to appearances of all presidential candidates.  You will find a map where you can see the travels.  Click on a state such as Iowa and see all the appearances in that state.  Adjust the timeline to expand or limit the date range.  Click on a candidate name to remove them from the list and narrow your list to the candidate you want to folllow.

Of course, you can click on any of the programs and watch the video.  The Video Library allows you to watch, clip, and share video clips.  You can then share what you find with your friends.

The C-SPAN Video Library is the place to follow the 2012 campaign.

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  • Why hasn’t Tom Beaumont been honest about the debate? Ron Paul won the debate as all the polls confirmed. He also won the IOWA on-line straw poll. Romney is NOT the one to beat. RON PAUL is the one to beat.

  • You did not include McCotter’s appearance on August 12 at the Iowa State Fair soapbox, even though you aired and posted videos of the other candidates’ remarks. Your program schedule originally included McCotter, but you left him out. What is the reason for tthat?