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The C-SPAN Archives records, indexes, and archives all C-SPAN programming for historical, educational, research, and archival uses. Every C-SPAN program aired since 1987, now totaling over 160,000 hours, is contained in the C-SPAN Archives and immediately accessible through the database and electronic archival systems developed and maintained by the C-SPAN Archives. More Info

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Airing Details added to Video Library

November 10, 2009

The program detail page of each entry in the Video Library now includes all past and future airing information for C-SPAN programs. This was a feature of the previous version of the Video Library and something that a number of users have asked about. To find this information for any Program, expand the “Details” tab on the program detail page and click on “Show” next to “Airing Details”. All the airings and the network will be displayed. The airing in bold is the one that the Video Library plays. The Video Library staff continues to work on new features to further enhance the usability of the Video Library based on your comments.

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  • There is one thing about this new video archive/library website I’m having a problem with. Although I want to say this new site is amazing and have had very few problems. This is 1000 times better than the old archive website, That said, here’s the problem. When I type into the search menu a topic, the full list of programs on that topic come up. If I go to the 9th page of programming on that topic, and then go back to look at the programs page – The site takes me back to page 1 on that topic, instead of page 9 which I was just on. Every time it takes me to page 1. It’s kind of annoying. Could you make it so that if I choose a program to watch, that when I’m done watching that program, I’ll be able to go back to the list of programs I was just on instead of going back to page 1 and having to work my way up to page 9 all over again.


  • I am confused. I saw awhile back that I could watch on my computer some of the booktv programs for that weekend, and others and now I can’t find anything. Am I missing something? That was a great feature and I hope you can move to having all the programs up that way too.

  • I can’t get the program schedules on my mobil anymore.

  • Ditto, ditto, ditto Brenden’s comment. that particular problem he describes is infuriating. I love c-apan. Brian is a genius/hero. Some day there will be books written about him and his influence on an under educated America. As many have said before me, “Thanks for c-span.” The glitch Brenden describes makes a search of a large archive frustratingly consuming, Thanks again, for this wonderful web site.

  • this new website is a total shit. do you idiots who dream this stuff up actually watch cspan programs on a daily basis use the schedule. it is a total pain in the ass to scroll up and down with. it takes way to long to load. the scheduling system with the blue red and yellow vertical columns was great. i could get all the information i needed about a program prior to watching it.
    i find cspan a very closed organization. you don’t have any meaningful phone number which actually give the vierers the ability to communicate with the boozoo’z who make these stupid decession. i don’t use the new schedule to find programs i used the video archives now that has been screwed up by you as well. give me back what i had -paul

  • am currently watching your program and can’t help but notice that your intervier and intervieree are using the wdorst enuniation I have ever sceen. I am a professional vocalist and can see that most people are no longer using their lips to assist in word pronuniation. as you are professionals on the air I expect professionals that can speak.. I